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A good reputation in the market comes from the dedication to quality

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  • Charging drivers (otc)

    Terminal to query, parking reservation; A key navigation, quick entry

  • Charging drivers (floor)

    The induction, identify into; Sweep code charging, non-inductive charging; A breach stop charging break

  • Property management operations

    Charging management, monitoring scheduling; Dynamic control, and distribution and settlement; The abnormal audit, event handling; Intelligence operations, statistical analysis; Privilege management, value-added operations

Nine big safety and quality guarantee

A good reputation in the market comes from the dedication to quality

  • 01

    Dustproof and waterproof

  • 02

    Compressive flame retardant

  • 03

    Over current protection

  • 04

    Under voltage protection

  • 05

    Electric leakage protection

  • 06

    Emergency Stop Protection

  • 07

    Input voltage turn-off

  • 08


  • 09

    Temperature control


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