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With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles in China, the supporting facilities of electric vehicles and Charging station are becoming more and more important, and the two are inseparable. Today, let's talk about the difference between various types of Charging station on the market! There are two main types of Charging station on the market: DC Charging station and AC Charging station, also known as fast charging and slow charging. If further subdivided, they can also be divided into public Charging station and private Charging station

From the appearance, DC Charging station are generally large, mostly public Charging station, and used in charging stations; AC poles are usually small, and they are mostly used as private Charging station in residential areas. The gun head of the DC Charging station has 9 holes, while the gun mouth of the AC pile has 7 holes. What are the functions of these holes? Take the seven holes of the AC pile as an example, the upper two holes are used for communication, the middle three holes are live wire, ground wire and zero wire from left to right, and the bottom two holes are the other two live wires used for Three-phase electric power, which are used to charge vehicles supporting Three-phase electric power. And this also corresponds to two types of charging sockets for electric vehicles, 7-hole AC sockets and 9-hole DC sockets

Let's talk about how AC and DC piles charge electric cars. At present, all lithium batteries used in new energy vehicles use DC power, and the input power of all Charging station is AC power, which involves a problem: how to convert AC power into DC power? The answer is the Charging station, and the way in which the AC and DC Charging station input electricity into the trolley is also different. The AC Charging station transmits electricity to the AC charger of the car through the charging gun, and then converts the charger into DC electricity and inputs it into the power battery; The DC Charging station outputs DC power directly to your tram battery through the conversion of the pile, which is not limited by the tram's own conversion motor. Therefore, the DC pile charges faster, which is also the reason why it is larger. However, the power of the DC pile is still controlled by the tram's BMS Battery management system to protect the battery safety, so it will also affect the charging power

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