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During the construction of the Charging station, ground hardening and basic safety protection must be carried out at the bottom of the charging equipment, so that the Charging station itself has the ability to prevent water storage and engulfment 20~30cm below

In addition to the provisions on the bottom of the Charging station, the national safety protection standards for the Charging station socket are also very strict

For example, before charging operation, the charging port of Alternative fuel vehicle and its Charging station need to carry out insulation detection. If the insulation detection is unsuccessful, the charging cannot be started

The charger is also equipped with short circuit protection. If a short circuit fault occurs during the whole process of battery charging, the machine and equipment will cut off the charging current as soon as possible to ensure the Factor of safety

Charging on rainy days is not dangerous. However, do not charge if there is water accumulation in the charging station, as excessive water accumulation may lead to leakage problems

Secondly, if we find any abnormalities or alarm prompts in the vehicle during charging, we should also immediately stop charging and inspect the vehicle immediately

Finally, we also need to check if the charging gun has been soaked in rainwater, and if there are any accumulated water and debris inside the gun to further ensure safety

Most of the Charging station are made of SMC glass fiber materials, which can ensure long-term outdoor application and can bear complicated climate standards

And now it is all Internet technology Charging station, and the background can check the operation of each Charging station. If there are problems or common malfunctions, you can receive information in the background as soon as possible to ensure the safety of battery charging

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