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How much do you know about the maintenance of the Charging station? Today, I will explain the maintenance of the DC Charging station

1、 Keep the Charging station in good technical condition and working capacity, ensure that the equipment can be used at any time and anywhere, and will not be unavailable due to failure when users need it urgently. The product manufacturer shall be responsible for establishing management files and specifying a series of DC Charging station maintenance and servicing records according to the company's testing facilities and actual conditions, and implement the whole process management of the equipment

2、 Working procedure: during the use of the Charging station, with the increase of the operation time, the technical performance of each component will gradually decline due to the influence of many factors such as heating, vibration, shock, aging and accidents. The maintenance tasks include cleaning, inspection, tightening, adjustment, and inspection. The inspection is followed up by dedicated after-sales personnel

3、 Equipment maintenance: professional personnel and professional maintenance tools must be employed to ensure the maximum working efficiency of DC Charging station during equipment maintenance and detection. Equipment maintenance mainly focuses on prevention. Regular protection is divided into Level I, Level II, Level III and seasonal maintenance

The primary maintenance mainly involves cleaning the dust inside and outside the equipment, tightening it, and checking the indicator lights, fuses, fuses, and lightning protection devices

The second level maintenance is centered around cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and calibration, except for the first level maintenance items such as cleaning and reliability checks. Eliminate hidden dangers and adjust the parts, so that the Charging station can be more clean, beautiful and practical.

The seasonal maintenance is mainly aimed at the special weather and climate in season, so that the Charging station can work normally

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