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New energy vehicles must use the Charging station and charger control box. The blue button on the top is used to switch the current mode. There are four current modes, 8A, 10A, 13A and 16A, which can be adjusted

If there is a place to charge, it doesn't matter if you feel uneasy. There is no place to charge but the public Charging station. It is recommended to install one that is convenient and cost-effective

It is not necessary to install a Charging station. At present, there are two main charging methods for electric vehicles, one is to use a public Charging station, the other is to charge at home. Private users need to have two conditions to install charging facilities - a fixed parking space, and the property agrees to install them. After meeting the above conditions, car owners still need to coordinate with many relevant departments, such as power, fire protection, construction technology departments, etc

After the application is approved, it can be installed by a professional installation company. Professional installation companies usually conduct on-site inspections and evaluations of parking spaces, develop construction plans, and then choose a day for on-site installation. After installation, it is necessary for the power supply enterprise to conduct acceptance, and the car owner also needs to go to the power supply enterprise to apply for a separate electricity card. After the power supply enterprise passes the acceptance, the Charging station can be used

It can be charged as long as you plug in a 220V household socket. It is necessary to take one with you when you travel to remote areas or go back to the countryside and cannot find a public Charging station. It can prevent the battery from running out in case

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