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All the built-in chargers used for on-board charging use commercial power (220V). The power input power is limited, and they are all charged at home, which can deeply charge the battery, improve the charging and discharging efficiency of the battery, and extend the battery life. The electric pile is fixed on the ground, uses a special charging interface, and uses conduction mode to provide AC power for electric vehicles with on-board chargers, with corresponding communication Billing and security protection functions

The built-in chargers used for on-board charging are all powered by the mains (220V), with limited power input and are all charged at home. Electric vehicles are not in urgent need and can make full use of low power periods for charging, reducing charging costs; The more important advantage is that it can deeply charge the battery, improve the charging and discharging efficiency of the battery, and extend the battery life

The Charging station is a DC Charging station, which is fixed outside the electric vehicle, connected to the AC power grid with three-phase AC (380V), 50Hz frequency, adjustable DC output, and directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle

As the DC Charging station adopts three-phase four wire system for power supply, it can provide sufficient power, and the output voltage and current can be adjusted in a wide range, which can meet the requirements of fast charging. In terms of charging power, the Charging station can charge according to the maximum power of the on-board charger. This is because the Charging station is used to recharge the power of the electric vehicle, and the electric vehicle cannot wait for another half day to drive away. The charging power of ordinary socket equipment is generally about 2~3.5kW

In terms of charging safety, the Charging station has the functions of electric leakage, lightning protection and waterproof, while the ordinary socket does not necessarily have these functions; In addition, the Charging station can communicate with the vehicle. If there is a fault, the charging current can be interrupted in time. The charger has high efficiency, which requires that the circuit design and manufacturing process of the charger itself must be high. Electric vehicle manufacturers focus on the design and process of electric vehicles, not the charger

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