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Slow charging on board

On board charging, also known as slow charging or on board slow charging, is a portable charging device that is carried with the vehicle and charged through a household charging socket

Charging can directly use household two-phase AC power, and can use household 220V power supply, supporting 10A or air conditioning 16A output, generally with a maximum power of about 3.5w. Therefore, the disadvantage of charging with on-board charging is very obvious, that is, the charging time is too long, but the cost of charging is not high. There is no need for a separate electricity meter or a separate power line, only a general household power supply is required, and the cost of use is very low. In addition, it can also be used as a temporary emergency charging method when away from the fixed Charging station

02 Household Charging station

For those who have fixed parking spaces and can apply for a fixed Charging station, it is most convenient to have a fixed Charging station of their own. They can charge immediately when they get home, or they can set up an appointment to charge. When they leave in the morning, they can basically ensure sufficient power, which perfectly solves the problem of charging anxiety. In many cases, when buying an electric vehicle, the car will give us a fixed Charging station and a certain length of free installation length, and some manufacturers need us to buy it separately. But it is inevitable that we still need to confirm the charging conditions, apply for a separate meter, and use the property and other processes before using our own Charging station. In addition, there are also payments beyond the length of the free power cord, and it is said that some car enthusiasts have spent thousands of dollars on the power cord. Generally speaking, household Charging station are also AC slow charging piles with rated voltage of 220V and rated current of 32A, so the general power is about 7Kw, the speed is about twice that of car charging, and it takes an average of 6-10 hours to fully charge

03 DC fast charging

Fast charging is also commonly used to directly charge the battery with high voltage DC. The battery can be charged to about 80% of the power in a short time, so it is widely used in public Charging station. The voltage of this charging mode is generally between 150 and 400, with high power. The advantages of fast charging are high efficiency and short charging time. However, fast charging has high requirements for vehicle voltage and power, which may also lead to an accelerated increase in battery temperature and have a negative impact on the battery. Therefore, many manufacturers will use heat dissipation technology to cool the three electric systems during DC fast charging to ensure charging temperature and safety. Riders can search the charging station through Baidu Maps or Gaode Map to find a nearby charging station to recharge their electric vehicles, and can also see the remaining number of Charging station and the power of Charging station at any time

04 Summary

The three charging methods can be said to have more suitable usage:

1. Quick charging can be used as a free time charging when in a hurry to recharge, or when we go out, such as shopping in the mall

2. The household Charging station is used for our daily charging. After all, we can fully charge the car after sleeping, which is almost the same as our daily use of mobile phones. It is very customary and convenient

3. As for car charging, it is a temporary charging method. When we cannot find a DC fast charging nearby, we can casually find a household socket or air conditioning socket to recharge the car. Although the speed is not fast, it is better than nothing

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