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The Charging station is a charging facility for electric vehicles, and its function is similar to the Gasoline pump in the gas station

(1)According to different power supply modes, it can be divided into AC Charging station and DC Charging station.

AC Charging station generally has small current, small pile body and flexible installation;

However, the DC Charging station is generally characterized by high current, larger charging capacity in a short time, larger pile body and large occupation area (heat dissipation).

(2)According to different installation methods, it is mainly divided into vertical Charging station and wall mounted Charging station.

The vertical Charging station does not need to lean against the wall, and is suitable for outdoor parking spaces and residential parking spaces; The wall mounted Charging station must be fixed by the wall, which is suitable for indoor and underground parking spaces.

(3)According to different installation scenarios, it is mainly divided into public Charging station, special Charging station and self use Charging station.

The public Charging station is a Charging station built in the public parking lot (garage) combined with parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles

The special Charging station is a Charging station used by the internal personnel of the construction unit (enterprise) for its own parking lot (garage)

Self use Charging station is a Charging station built in a private parking space (garage) to provide charging for private users. The Charging station is generally constructed in combination with the parking space of the parking lot (garage). The protection grade of Charging station installed outdoors shall not be lower than IP54. The protection level of Charging station installed indoors shall not be lower than IP32

(4) According to different charging interfaces, it is mainly divided into one pile for one charging and one pile for multiple charging

One charge per pile means that a Charging station has only one charging interface. At present, the Charging station in the market is mainly one charging pile

Multi charging in one pile, namely group charging, means that one Charging station has multiple charging interfaces. In large parking lots such as bus parking lots, group charging Charging station are needed to synchronously support the charging of multiple electric vehicles, which not only speeds up the charging efficiency, but also saves labor costs

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