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Fast charging "is nothing more than a fast charger, which in a sense is mainly used to supplement the shortcomings of slightly slower charging technology progress. Since it is not possible to improve the battery life level by significantly increasing the battery capacity within the existing volume, it is possible to enhance the battery life of the phone by accelerating its charging speed, For example, the creative advertising slogan "Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours" shouted by OPPO at the beginning can effectively demonstrate the joy brought by fast charging

At present, fast charging usually coexists with "gallium nitride". Why can gallium nitride bear this heavy responsibility

For example, in general, common digital products such as smartphones and tablets require a certain amount of DC power below a certain limit. However, the current national unified rated voltage is 220V, so we must convert the 220V AC power from the power plant to the home into suitable DC power. At this time, a transformer or charger is needed for conversion, and there is no exception to digital products. Obviously, power conversion technology is indispensable in our daily lives. In the power conversion system, the most crucial part is the power semiconductor components, whose performance will determine the quality of the power conversion system

In order to produce good power semiconductor components, it is necessary to use suitable semiconductor materials. At present, the most common semiconductor material is Si, but after decades of development and application, the potential of Si has basically reached its limit and cannot be further improved in performance. This is one of the reasons for the gradual rise of gallium nitride (GaN)

Advantages of gallium nitride

Take a good look at the most basic characteristics of GaN. Compared with silicon, GaN has the characteristics of large band gap, large critical breakdown electric field, high saturated electron Drift velocity, and stable chemical properties. The main reasons for being favored by the fast charging industry are as follows:

1、 Excellent thermal performance. Due to the performance limitations of silicon devices, auxiliary passive heat dissipation (To packaging or heat sink) is often required in medium to high power applications, which is also one of the main reasons for the increase in the volume of switching power supplies. GaN devices are far away from the increasingly obsolete Power MOSFET devices in terms of performance, with lower on resistance, lower capacitance, higher current and excellent thermal performance. This excellent feature allows gallium nitride power devices to completely break away from traditional auxiliary passive heat dissipation methods and rely on small-scale methods such as PCB copper coating and through hole tin lining to achieve heat dissipation. Abandoning the bulky auxiliary passive cooling facilities, the volume can be made smaller

2、 The high frequency characteristics of GaN bring efficiency. Generally speaking, to improve the power density of switching power supply products (i.e., under the same volume, the higher the output power), the first concern is to further increase the switching frequency, which can effectively reduce the volume of transformers, filter inductors, and capacitors. The material properties of GaN can just meet this requirement

Overall, gallium nitride GaN components have the characteristics of low on state resistance, fast switching speed, high temperature resistance, and high voltage resistance, which are unique to silicon components. They are indeed particularly suitable for use in power conversion systems

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