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With the country's support for "low-carbon travel", electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, the maintenance of the Charging station is very important. Next, we will introduce the maintenance of the Charging station

1. First of all, keep the parking space clean and the surface of the Charging station free of foreign matter and dust. Do not let heavy objects press on the power line or step on the power line manually. Charging is prohibited when the charging line has defects, cracks, wear, cracks, and exposure

2. Check the body of the Charging station and check whether the indicator light of the Charging station is normal

3. Please do not charge if there is a machine fault, please contact the maintenance staff of the Charging station

4. Inspection of electrical and control systems

5. Please take waterproof and moisture-proof measures before charging on rainy days

6. During charging operation, the sound of the device can be used to judge whether the Charging station is normally engaged and whether the radiator is working normally

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