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What is the difference between gallium nitride chargers and fast charging

1. Different materials

Unlike ordinary chargers, the basic material is silicon, which is a very important material in the electronics industry. With increasing power and volume, it is not convenient to carry and is also prone to heat generation

However, the performance of gallium nitride has been greatly improved, and it is more suitable for high-power devices than silicon. It has small size, high power density, and excellent heat dissipation, effectively solving the contradiction between portability and charging rate

2. Developing differently

The development of silicon has reached a certain bottleneck, and many markets are searching for more suitable alternatives. The manufacturing cost of gallium nitride is also very high, and suitable alternative materials will be sought

Gallium nitride properties and stability:

If we use it normally according to the instructions, it will not decompose. We should avoid contact with oxides

When the temperature in nitrogen or helium is 1000 degrees, gallium nitride will slowly evaporate, indicating that it is very stable at high temperatures

Gallium nitride will not be decomposed by cold water or heat, or hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. It indicates that he is very sturdy and still very good

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